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For 30 years, PCA SKIN® has pioneered and perfected the science of skin health. We create individualized solutions to deliver dramatic, visible results, starting with our transformative chemical peels. Our professional peel treatments bring effective skincare solutions into the future, ensuring the best results are achieved for every skin type and concern. Today, our line of professional treatments and daily care products are found in over 35 countries and feature the most scientifically-advanced formulations for better stability, delivery, and above all, efficacy. We know skin health is personal, so we put our best into helping customers feel their best. Discover a personalized PCA SKIN® experience at

"As the leader in professional peels, our mission is to change lives through skin care.  To accomplish this mission, we must lead in technology, formulation, ingredients and research.  Our partnership with IPS is one of the ways we stay connected to the industry, invest in it and support development and research in the professional peel category. "
Joanna Zucker, CEO CP Skin Health US

Young Pharmaceuticals, Inc.

Young Pharmaceuticals, Inc. was founded in 1977 as a developer of products for dispensing by dermatologists. Young Pharmaceuticals, Inc.'s first product line included topical agents for a variety of common dermatological conditions. As ingredients became available for indications such as photoaging and hyperpigmentation, Young Pharmaceuticals scientists used their expertise in pharmaceutical chemistry to formulate a new generation of aesthetic treatments. Today, Young Pharamceuticals, Inc. remains committed to providing high-quality medical skin care products to physicians around the world.

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