This is how it all started... Munich/Germany, 2012, the founding of the International Peeling Society.
(Picture from left to right: Dr. Tatjana Pavicic, Dr. Sahar Ghannam, Dr. Marina Landau, Dr. Luitgard Wiest)

The list of past presidents:

2012-2014: Marina Landau, Israel
2014-2016: Luitgard Weist, Germany
2016-2017: Harold J. Brody, USA
2017-2018: Claudia Borelli, Germany
2018-2019: Peter Rullan, USA
2019-2020: Sahar Ghannam, Kuwait
2020-2022: Oliver Kreyden, Switzerland

Current President:

2022-2024: Seaver Soon, USA


It was the year 2012, when under the name "International Peeling Society" a medical society was founded with its headquarters in the practice Methininserhof, Baselstrasse 9, CH - 41 32 Muttenz, in Munich
The secretarial office is located in Bassum, Germany.

The society is dedicated to promoting the scientific development of chemical and related peeling procedures within aesthetic medicine. 
The Association is concerned with the scientific development of peeling procedures. The knowledge gained shall be published and made available to the medical community as well as to interested laypersons. A further aim of the Society is to inform the medical profession, patients and the public about quality standards, risks and new developments in the field of peeling applications. 

The IPS is active both on an international level and now also has a USA branch.
The IPS promotes the education of medical professionals in the use of chemical peeling procedures.

Experts of the IPS have dedicated themselves to the development and propagation of quality standards for chemical peelings.
Since its inception, the Society has promoted scientific research and studies on the risks and effects of various peeling reagents.

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