IMCAS Paris 2024

  • IMCAS Paris 2024

    Part 1 - Peels for pigmented skin in different skin types

    10:00 am: Dr Fatima Zahra BELGNAOUI - Mediterranean
    10:10 am: Dr Oliver Philip KREYDEN - Caucasian
    10:20 am: Dr Atchima SUWANCHINDA - Asian
    10:30 am: Dr Mukta SACHDEV - Indian
    10:40 am: Dr Felipe RIBEIRO - Is phenol peeling relevant for all skin types?

    10:50 am Discussion

    Part 2 - Dealing with peeling complications

    11:00 am: Dr Rashmi SHETTY - Combination of peels on coloured skin and avoid complication
    11:10 am: Dr Sahar Foad GHANNAM - PIH and peels
    11:20 am: Dr Foteini BAGEORGOU - Chemical Peeling Complications VS post procedure expected outcomes
    11:30 am: Dr Carlos Gustavo WAMBIER - Safety and prevention - Checkups for peels

    11:40 am: Discussion

    Part 3 - Lip debate: Laser or peels

    11:50 am:  Dr Ines VERNER - Battle
    12:00 noon:  Dr Marina LANDAU - Battle

    12:10 pm: Discussion

  • Dres. Rullan gave Residency Training in April and May 2023

    Dres. Rullan gave Residency Training in April and May 2023

    Dres. Rullan gave Residency Training in April and May 2023

    Dres. Peter Rullan and daughter Jennifer Rullan gave Residency Training in April an May 2023.

    You can see Dr. Peter Rullan and his daughter Dr Jennifer Rullan, with a group of Senior Dermatology Residents from 3 Residencies, Univ. Of California, San Diego, Univ. Of California, Irvine, and the San Diego Naval Hospital. (May 2023)
    The next picture shows Dr. P. Rullan at the University of California, Irvine, Dept of Dermatology, April 2023.


  • IPS at AMWC Monaco 2023

    IPS Session at AMWC Monaco 2023

    And another great session!

    The Peeling Meetings always promise to be a great success.
    Dermatologists from all over the world met in beautiful Monaco to share their knowledge, but also to discuss among themselves the latest trends and methods of chemical peels. With participants from many different countries and from all continents, the rooms were again filled to capacity.
    For all participants and members of the IPS it was great to see old friends again and to make new contacts.


    The world-renowned faculty of the IPS meeting at AMWC:
    Dr. Oliver Kreyden - Switzerland, Dr. Fotini Bageorgou - Greece, Dr. J. Barton Sterling - USA, Prof. Dr. Carlos Wambier - USA, Dr. Peter Velthuis - Netherlands, Dr. Maria Garcia Baldovi - Spain, Dr. Uliana Gout - UK

  • Peeling around the World - IPS at AAD

    IPS at Global Education at AAD 2023 - New Orleans

    What a great convention!
    During the 2023 AAD Annual Meeting and Global Education Day in New Orleans, the International Peeling Society had great presentations with world-renowned faculty.
    The sessions were a great success!

    Our IPS sessions promised to be special and lived up to all expectations.
    In beautiful New Orleans, dermatologists from all over the world came together to share their knowledge, but also to discuss among themselves the latest trends and methods of chemical peels. With participants from many different countries and from all continents, the rooms were filled to capacity.
    For all participants and members of the IPS it was nice to see old friends again and to make new contacts.
    Especially the intercultural scientific exchange about standards, new trends and developments in chemical peelings was in the foreground of the discussions and is of essential importance especially in dermatology.

    The scientific program of these event days with lecture blocks was supplemented by workshops and an industrial exhibition.
    This mixture promised the greatest possible learning success and stimulated lively discussions directly with the specialists.

    The world-renowned Faculty of the IPS session at the AAD. (Not all in the picture.): Kachiu Lee, MD - USA; Harold Brody, MD - USA; Jennifer Rullan, MD – USA; Rashmi Sarkar, MD – India; Pearl Grimes, MD – USA; Gary Monheit, MD – USA; María Baldovi, MD – Spain; Doris Hexsel, MD – Brazil; Fotini Bageorgeou, MD – Greece; Carlos Wambier, MD, PhD – USA; Marina Landau, MD – Israel; Felipe Ribeiro, MD – Brazil; Ronen Magun, MD – Israel; Gustavo Nogueira, MD – Brazil; Tereza Cristina Celidonio, MD – Brazil; Denise Steiner, MD, PhD – Brazil; J. Barton Sterling, MD – USA; Gregory Hetter, MD, MSc - USA; Jack Arbiser, MD, PhD - USA; Seaver Soon, MD - USA

  • IPS Session at IMCAS 2023

    IMCAS World Congress 2023 | Paris January 26-28, 2023

    At IMCAS 2023 in Paris, IPS had its General Assembly again.

    On the same day, the great Faculty with Chair Dr. Seaver Soon and Co-Chair Dr. Marina Landau had a good session. 
    With them were:

    • Dr. Fotini Bageorgou (Vice President of IPS): "Chemical Peeling - Complications."
    • Dr. Oliver Kreyden (Immediate Past President of the IPS): "Peeling is not peeling"
    • Dr. Marco Alexandre Rocha: "Stem acne: treatments associated with Jessner peels"
    • Dr. Mukta Sachdev: "Chemical peels 2023 - What's new for colored skin"
    • Prof. Dr. Manal Bosseila: "TCA CROSS technique: application and combination in patients with fair skin
    • Dr. Sabine Zenker: Neck and décolleté: combination TCA 15% traneexamic acid mesotherapy cross-linked HA



    IPS Session at CILAD, June 30th to July 3rd

    The IPS, led by Prof. Dr. Carlos Wambier, had a great session at CILAD in Madrid from June 30th to July 3rd.
    See the speakers and their topics here.

    Chemical Peels - IPS Session at CILAD

    Dr. Carlos Wambier - USA: “Art and Technique of Peeling”

    Dr. Carlos Wambier - USA: “The Brazilian Lip Peel”

    Dr. Felipe Ribeiro - Brazil “Baker-Gordon’s versus Hetter’s Formulas for deep peels”

    Dra. María Baldovi - Spain, “The versatility of TCA 35%”

    Dra. Carolina Marçon - Brazil “Maximizing the use of Superficial Peels”

    Dra. Denise Steiner - Brazil “Best indications of Phenol-croton oil peels”



    IPS Session at IMCAS in Paris 2022

    It´s a great pleasure to be again invited to do an own IPS Peeling Session during the IMCAS World Congress in Paris which will take place on June 3-5, 2022.

    Room: Room 153 - Level 1
    Date: Friday 3 June 2022 at 08:30 to 10:00

    All information abaut the session of UPS you will find here: 

    Dr. Oliver Philip KREYDEN
    Introduction IPS

    Prof. Dr. Klaus FRITZ
    Laser peeling vs chemical peeling: pros and cons

    Dr. Foteini BAGEORGOU
    Chemical peeling complications & how to avoid them

    Dr. Seaver L. SOON
    Chemical peeling for constitutional periorbital dark circles

    Dr. Uliana GOUT
    Latest trends in chemical peeling

    Dr. Pierre ANDRE
    Superficial peels: indications and results

    Dr. Oliver Philip KREYDEN
    Deep peels

  • IPS and IPS - USA at AAD in Boston 2022

    IPS and IPS - USA at AAD in Boston 2022

    The IPS at AAD in Boston 2022 ...

  • IPS Session at IMCAS Paris 2020

    We had a fantastic Peeling Session at the IMCAS World Congress in Paris on Thursday Jan 30 08:30-10:30.

    Please find here our program:

    08:30     Dr. Sahar Foad GHANNAM:  Welcome message from the IPS

    Part 1 - Basic peeling

    08:35     Dr. Sahar Foad GHANNAM: What to know before you peel
    08:47     Dr. Uliana GOUT: How to gauge penetration depth in peeling
    08:59     Dr. Luitgard WIEST: Extrafacial body peels     
    09:11     Dr. Foteini BAGEORGOU: Peeling in special groups of patients (isotretinoin, children, men, pregnancy, summer etc)    
    09:23     Dr. Marina LANDAU: Chemical peels for medical indications

    Part 2 - Advanced peeling

    09:35     Dr. Gary D MONHEIT: Acne scars - Are peels effective? How to combine with other procedures?
    09:47     D. Seaver L SOON: Segmental peels
    09:59     Dr. Frank MUGGENTHALER: Protocol in preparing and treating the skin in the course of a phenol peel including the administration of the bismuth-gallat-PRP-plasma mask
    10:11     Dr. Oliver Philip KREYDEN: Photopeel - Combination of two excellent tools     
    10:23     Q&A

  • Hands-On Peeling Course in Muttenz, Switzerland

    November 01.-02., 2019 - Peeling Workshop in Muttenz, Switzerland

    This year again, the 2-days Chemical Peeling Live-Workshop under the direction of Dr. Oliver Ph. Kreyden was a great success. The participants, dermatologists and plastic surgeons, gained a deep insight into theory and practice of chemical peelings. The live peeling sessions, a phenol peeling under anesthesia by Dr. Oliver Ph. Kreyden and a phenol/TCA combined peeling by Dr. Dr. Frank Muggenthaler were particularly interesting and rich in learning.

    On the second day Dr. Clara Boudny presented the superficial peelings including two live-peelings to patients. Within these 2 days the participants benefited from the great know-how of three worldwide renowned peeling specialists. The overall training format also offered ample time for networking, intense exchange amongst professionals and good conversations over a nice dinner in the Archaeological Cellar between the old city walls of Basel.

    Thanks for your wonderful feedback - for example:

    “I had the great opportunity to take part on the 7th Peeling Course in Muttenz/Switzerland organized by Dr. Kreyden and his fabulous team.In this two days I learned a lot on the theoretical and practical use of peelings by three international known experts (Dr. Boundy, Dr. Kreyden and Dr. Dr. Muggenthaler). The experts explained their views and treatment pathways in a very comprehensive matter and gave a lot of tips and tricks for treatment and how to achieve the best result. Beside the profound transmission of knowledge, I enjoyed the hospitality of the whole team and the exchange with colleagues during the delicious dinner in Basel’s Old Town. The limited number of attendees allowed a personalized teaching and training. I highly recommend this course for all colleagues interested in peelings, whether you are dermatologist, plastic surgeon, maxillofacial surgeon,….”

    At the end of the course one thing is certain: We are already looking forward to the next live-workshop in 2020!

  • EADV 2019 in Madrid - Peeling Session

    Peeling Session at EADV in Madrid

    October 13, 2019 - 8:30 to 10 am

    On the EADV in Madrid we had a 90-Minute-Session about different aspects of Chemical Peeling. Even it was sunday morning we had a packed room and many talks with physicians who are so interested in our society.

    Our Talks:

    Peeling from Antiquity to Today - Dr Claudia Borelli
    My Personal Approaches with Peeling - Dr Uliana Gout
    Phenol- how to make patients happy - Dr Oliver Kreyden
    Peeling darker skin - Sahar Ghannam

    Thanks to all speakers and here are some impressions:

  • Session IMCAS Americas 2019

    IMCAS Américas, Cartagena, Colombia

    It´s a great pleasure that we were invited from the IMCAS to participate at a Peeling-Session at the IMCAS Américas 2019, which took place in August 1-3, 2019 in Cartagena de Indias, Colombia. Thanks to the activities of our President Dr. Sahar Ghannam we were nclude as a scientific collaborator for IMCAS Américas 2019 and fixed the following session:

    Thursday, August 01, 2019, 14:00 to 15:00

    14:00     Dr Sahar Foad GHANNAM     Introduction of IPS     
    14:05     Dr Sahar Foad GHANNAM     Chemical peels: for dark skin  
    14:15     Dr Rozina BASIT                       Chemical peels: the affordable way to rejuvenate
    14:25     Dr Foteini BAGEORGOU         Chemical peels: in special groups of patients     
    14:35     Dr Hugues CARTIER                Chemical peels: application for legs

  • Peeling Session at 5CC in Barcelona

    At the 5 Continent Congress in Barcelona we did an IPS Chemical Peeling Session about the latest news in the field of Chemical Peels on August 31, 2019 from 14.45 to 16.45.

    Chair: Tatjana Pavicic, Mukta Sachdev

    Ghislaine Beilin: Photoactivated Peels    
    Denise Steiner: Comparison of Phenol 35% With Oleic Acid 0,8% and Phenol 35% With Croton Oil 0,8% for the Treatment of the Neck    
    Rahul Pillai: What to Consider When Peeling Darker Skin Types?    
    Mukta Sachdev: Chemical Peels for the Periorbital Area and How to Deal with Post-inflammatory Hyperpigmentation    
    Ines Verner: Combining TCA peel with Fractional RF    
    Phillippe Deprez: Hands and Face Sun Lentigos: Different Levels of Easy Treatments Using Peelings

    Ekaterina Gutop: Using Peelings in Combined Treatment Protocols with PRP, EBD and Fillers

  • IPS Session at WCD in Milan 2019

    It was a great pleasure to have an IPS Session at the World Congres of Dermatology in Milan (Italy) in June 2019.

    In our two hour course we did a review of scientific and clinical variations of superficial, medium and deep chemical peeling in core procedures with new techniques for the face and body. We also presented Case Reports of combination chemical peeling + other rejuvenation procedures.

    Dr. Cheryl Burgess was the chair of the session together with Dr. Ines Verner and Professor Claudia Borelli

    Please find here the program:

    Dr. Gary Monheit: Overview of chemical peels: superficial, medium and deep preparations

    Dr. Sahar Ghannam: Complications and contraindications of chemical peels

    Dr. Dee Anna Glaser: Medical uses for cosmetic peels

    Dr. Tatjana Pavicic: Chemical peels in cosmetic rejuvenation

    Dr. Jeanine Downie: Chemical peels in skin of color

    Dr. Marina Landau: Chemical peels in acne and acne scarring

    Prof. Claudia Borelli: Chemical peels in melasma

    Dres. Rullan, Lupo Landau Burgess Verner: Emerging Treatments with chemical peels: chemabrasion, combination peels, microneedling, microdermabrasion laser and light devices (Case Studies)

  • AAD Session

    IPS Peeling Course and Workshop at AAD Annual Meeting

    In February we had a fantastic and well attended session at the International Day before the AAD Annual Meeting in Washington. Moderated by Dr. Harold Brody, this educational event featured a stellar faculty from around the world. Following the success of last year’s program, the 4-hour course focused on the use of superficial to deep chemical peels for various therapeutic and aesthetic indications across all skin types. Case presentations, technique tips and clinical trends highlighted the scientific agenda. Thanks to all speakers for their interesting talks.

    Dr. Kachiu Lee   

    Dr. Emily Keller

    Topic Highlights:

    Back to Basics: Science, Procedural consideration and complications

    Beyond the Basics: Superficial and Medium depth peels

    Advanced Chemical Peeling: Deep chemical peels

    What´s new in chemical peeling

    Please find here the complete program.


    Hands-On Workshop

    Like last year we also had a great Hands-On Workshop during the AAD Meeting. We did eight patients over two days, including dry ice plus TCA 35%, segmental Hetter croton oil/phenol peels around the mouth and eyelids, lip peels with Hetter, 30% Salicylic for PIH and acne, and Acne scar patients with CROSS carbolic, cannula subcision and either Microneedling or TCA. All attendees received  a flash drive full of Chemical Peel references. The farthest attendee came from Israel. We had five faculty members hosting the course: Dr. Rullan and Dr. Brody were co-directors, and Dr's. Wambier, Lee and Soon assisted with the peels. We thank Dr. Maral Skelsey for doing the workshop in her office and Delasco for supporting our workshop.

  • IPS Session at IMCAS Paris 2019

    We had a fantastic and well attended session at the IMCAS in Paris.

    Chair: Peter Rullan (IPS president), Sahar Ghannam (IPS vice-president)

    Dr Peter Rullan: Welcome message from the president of IPS  

    Dr Peter Rullan: Controversies and options in doing croton oil / phenol peels

    Dr Marina Landau: When and why do I use deep chemical peeling?  

    Dr Claudia Borelli: Chemical peeling - Scientific background regarding deep peels - Science and results

    Dr Frank Muggenthaler: Deep chemical peeling and surgical methods

    Dr Gary D. Monheit: Attenuated medium depth peel and its versatility

    Dr Oliver Philip Kreyden: Patient selection in chemical peeling   

    Dr Uliana Gout: Positioning of deep peels in the world of peeling       

    Dr Sylvie Lederle: Perioral area: pushing the limits of peelings through pro penetration

    Dr Ines Verner: How to combine energy based devices with chemical peels

  • Hands-On Chemical Course in Muttenz

    October 26 & 27, 2018 - Peeling Workshop in Muttenz, Switzerland

    In October 2018 Dr. Oliver Ph. Kreyden held his 6th Chemical Peeling Workshop in Basel. This year the great speakers Dr. Luitgard Wiest and Dr. Clara Boudny Frey were invited and shared their experience on chemical peeling. The attendance consisted of 15 dermatologists coming from Germany, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, France and Israel.

    After a theoretical overview a phenol peeling and a 35%-TCA peeling were demonstrated live on patients. The second day was devoted to the superficial peelings, where the ultimate technique was also conducted in a live peeling session. On that day peeled patients also told us about their experience. The course was a real success, not only from point of view of teaching but the two days offered several opportunities for networking over a delicious lunch and a fantastic dinner. We would like to thank all persons that made it possible!

    We are already planning the next course which is expected to take place at the beginning of November 2019…

  • IPS Peeling Session at 5CC in Barcelona 2018

    5-Continent-Congress 2018

    At the 5-Continent-Congress in Barcelona we did an exciting IPS Chemical Peeling Session featuring amazing speakers about the latest news in the field of Chemical Peels.

    Find here the program:

    Sahar Ghannam: International Peeling Society - Introduction
    Uliana Gout: Practical Tips & Recommendations for Peeling
    Sahar Ghannam: Do‘s and Don‘ts in Chemical Peels
    Mukta Sachdev: Chemical Peels for Darker Skin: An Update
    Harold Brody: Combining Medium and Deep Peeling
    Ofir Artzi: Radio-Peel: Synergism Between Microneedling Fractional RF and 20% Trichloroacetic Acid Chemical Peel 
    Ines Verner: How to Combine Chemical Peels with Lasers and Other EBDs
    Denise Steiner: Phenol Peeling 88 % Combined with Oleic Acid (0,05%) for Treatment of Non-Facial Areas

    Additionally Sahar Ghannam did a Teaching Course about Chemical Peelings.

  • IPS Peeling Session face

    We had a Peeling Session with Live-Demo at the Face Congress in London.  The session "The world of Peeling" with both lectures and live demos took place at June 15, 2018

    Find here the complete program:

    Ulina Gout: Into to IPS
    Ulina Gout: Intro to Peeling
    Ulina Gout: LIVE DEMO Jessner’s peel
    Sahar Ghannam: Dos and donts - focus in skin of colour
    Sahar Ghannam: LIVE DEMO- Salicylic peel
    Vladlena Averina: LIVE DEMO- TCA for stretch-marks & facial rejuvenation

  • IPS Workshop Georgetown

    Hands-On Course Chemical Peels

    Date: March 8, 2018
    Location: Georgetown (USA)
    Direction: Dr. Kachiu Lee

    7:30a-8:30a: Lecture
    8:30-10a: Superficial peels
    10-11:30a: Medium depth peels
    11:30-12:30a: Deep peels

  • AAD Peeling Course

    Global Education Day February 15, 2018  San Diego, California

    Pre-AAD Annual Meeting, San Diego Convention Center

    Moderated by Dr. Harold Brody, this educational event featured a stellar faculty from around the world. The 3-hour course focused on the use of superficial to deep chemical peels for various therapeutic and aesthetic indications across all skin types. Case presentations, technique tips and clinical trends highlighted the scientific agenda.

    Find here our fantastic program.

  • Hands-On Workshop AAD 2018

    AAD Annual Meeting, San Diego, USA, Feb 16-20, 2018

    Medium and Deep Chemical Peel Hands-on Workshop

    During the AAD Annual Meeting we had a fantastic Hands-On Workshop hosted by our new president Dr. Peter Rullan, Dr. Harold Brody, Dr. Carlos Wambier and Dr. Richard Bensimon.

    More information to come.

  • Peelings Session IMCAS 2018

    Peeling Session at IMCAS in Paris (France)

    February 01, 2018 - 9 to 11 pm

    On the first day of the 20th IMCAS in Paris (France), we had the first session and a full house - more than 400 delegates attended the IPS Peeling Session and listened to our fantastic presentations. Find here some impressions:

    CHAIR: Prof. Claudia Borelli & Dr. Sahar Foad Ghannam

    Acne and Rosacea Peels - Prof. Claudia Borelli
    Melasma Peels - Dr. Sahar Foad Ghannam
    Body Peels - Dr. Uliana Gout
    Anti aging Peels; which peels can be used to remove solar lentigines and wrinkles - Dr. Marina Landau
    Chemical Peeling in Combination with Facelift - Dr. Frank Muggenthaler
    Chemical Peels Problems and how to correct them - Dr. Gary D. Monheit
    Chemical Peeling versus laser skin resurfacing - Dr. Tatjana Pavicic

  • Tuebingen

    Basic Course Aesthetic Dermatology in Tuebingen, Germany

    At 13/14.10.2017 Professor Borelli performed a basic course in aesthetic dermatology in Tuebingen, Germany with 63 participants (young dermatologists and residents) together with the 2 young collegues, who already joinded IPS. We showed among many other aesthetic topics superficial chemical peelings in cooperation with 2 companies, which are supporting the IPS from the start: P&M cosmetics and IFC Germany Neostrata.

  • ASDS/IPS Meeting

    October 7, 2017 - IPS Session at the ASDS Annual Meeting in Chicago, USA

    We had a very successful session at the ASDS Annual Meeting in Chicago on October 7, 2017.

    1:45 p.m. Welcome and Learning Overview - Harold J. Brody, MD; Vivian W. Bucay, MD
    2:05 p.m. Developments in Superficial Peeling - Vivian W. Bucay, MD
    2:19 p.m. Developments in Medium Depth Peeling - Emily C. Keller, MD
    2:33 p.m. Developments in Deep Peeling: The Hetter Formulas - Peter P. Rullan, MD
    2:47 p.m. Peeling with Microneedling - Seaver Soon, MD
    3:01 p.m. Summary and Questions

    We thank our Industrial Partner Delasco for supporting our session.

    From left to right: Drs Peter Rullan, Seaver Soon, Vivian Bucay, Harold Brody and Emily Keller

  • IPS Peeling Session at 5CC in Barcelona 2017

    5CC in Barcelona, Spain– August 31-Sept 3, 2017

    Prof. Moetaz El-Domyati, Dr. Sahar Ghannam, Dr. Marina Landau & Dr. Uliana Gout

    At the 5 Continent Congress in Barcelona we did an IPS Chemical Peeling Session featuring amazing speakers about the latest news in the field of Chemical Peels on Saturday, September 2, 2017 from 11.30 to 1.30

    Dr. Marina Landau: Chemical Peels for Medical Indications
    Dr. Tatjana Pavicic: TCA Peel: The Beauty of Frosting
    Dr. Vivian Bucay: Chemical Peels: Thinking Outside the Box
    Dr. Sahar Ghannam: Do and Don‘t in Chemical Peels
    Dr. Mukta Sachdev: Combining Treatments with Newer Peels for an Optimal Outcome in Dark Skins
    Dr. Amin Amer: Tranexamic Acid and Chemical Peeling for Melasma Treatment
    Dr. Moatez El-Domyati: Combining Microneedling with Peeling, PRP or Stem Cell Factors: New Ideas
    Dr. Ofir Artzi: RadioPeel - A Novel Combination of Microneedling Fractional RF and TCA 20% Chemical Peel to Maximize Aesthetic
    Dr. Ines Verner: My Approach to Combining Fractional RF with TCA Chemical Peels - When and How ?

  • ISA Munich 2017

    International Summer Academy of Practical Dermatology at Munich, Germany

    July 26, 2017 - 3.30 to 5.30 pm

    Chair: Prof. Claudia Borelli, Dr. Juliane Habig

    Chairs: Introduction IPS 5 min
    Prof. C. Borelli: Superficial peeling: treatment of hyperpigmentations and Melasma 30 min 15.35-16.05, questions 5 min
    Dr. Rashmi Sakar: Superficial peeling in dark skin types 30 min, 16.10-16.45, questions 5 min
    Dr. Juliane Habig: Peeling middle-depth and deep peels? 30 min 16.50-17.20 questions 5 min
    17.25-17.30 Discussion

    Find more information about the congress under

  • IPS Session IMCAS Asia 2017

    Peeling Session July 23, 2017

    In July we had a wonderful Peeling Session in Bali

    Chair: Sahar Ghannam, Marina Landau

    Introduction: Sahar Ghannam
    Mukta Sachdev: Chemical peels complications
    Sahar Ghannam Dark skins - Do´s & Dont´s
    Tatjana Pavicic: Peels vs. Lasers in skin resurfacing
    Uliana Gout: A-Z of chemical peels
    Marina Landau: Why peeling dark skin is more challenging

  • IPS Workshop in St. Petersburg, Florida

    IPS Hands-on Workshop in St. Petersburg, Florida

    The first IPS Workshop in the US was a spectacular success in St. Petersburg, Florida the first weekend in April. Nine doctors were in attendance (6 dermatologists/dermatologic Surgeons and 3 ophthalmoplastic surgeon). The Three Faculty were: Dr.  Laurence Kass, Dr. Harold Brody and Dr. Peter Rullan with the course being given at the Kass Center for Cosmetic Surgery.  Patients were peeled all day on Friday and Saturday with the patients returning Sunday morning for Follow-up.  

    12 patients were peeled and the attendees particularly focused on the Hetter phenol/croton oil peels and medium depth CO2 dry ice + 35% TCA. It was very valuable for the doctors to directly observe and then actually use the wounding agents themselves. Salicylic acid peel was also performed. Additional follow up is on google conference to continue discussion and see follow-ups further in time. We specially thank Dr. Larry Kass for his dedication to providing a facility for this workshop.

  • Peeling Course at International Day before the AAD Annual Meeting

    Date: Thursday, March 2, 2017Time: 2.00 - 5.30 pmLocation: Orange County Convention Center, Room 304 CD, Orlando, Florida

    Moderated by Dr. Harold Brody, this educational event featured a stellar faculty from around the world. Following the success of last year’s program, the 3-hour course focused on the use of superficial to deep chemical peels for various therapeutic and aesthetic indications across all skin types. Case presentations, technique tips and clinical trends highlighted the scientific agenda.

    Find here our fantastic program.

    Dr. Gregory Hetter accepts honorary membership in the IPS

    We had a fantastic session and thank all speakers and attendees.

    Also thanks to NeoStrata for the support of our event.

  • IPS Session at IMCAS Paris

    We had a fantastic and well attended session at the IMCAS in Paris.

    Chair: Harold Brody, Luitgard Wiest

    Introduction: Harold Brody
    Marina Landau „Combination of skin excision and peeling for upper eyelid lifting“
    Claudia Borelli: „Superficial peels: Combined approach in treatment of hyperpigmentations and melasma“
    Harold Brody  „Medium depth peels and Complications in chemical peeling"
    Sahar Ghannam „Peeling in dark skin“

  • Hands-On Chemical Peels: Switzerland

    Date: 20.-22.01.2017
    Location: Skinmed AG Clinic, Aarau, Switzerland
    Direction: Prof. Dr. Peter P. Rullan and Dr. Clara Mercedes Boudny Frey

    We had a fantastic and intense 3-days hands-on-workshop on chemical peels with many live hands-on treatments:

    • 2-day-Rullan-Phenol peels (one full face phenol, one perioral phenol/20% TCA-mosaic-peel) with chemabrasion the following day
    • a couple of full-face 26%-TCA-peels in combination with CROSS phenol and CROSS TCA 60%-80% on acne scars
    • some full-face weekend-peels (Jessners over TCA 15%), VL Hetter  phenol peels for eyelids and phenol peels on lentigines
    • acne scar treatments with TCA CROSS 60-80% in combination with fractional CO2-Laser
    • we also showed how to prepare different phenol formulas


    Prof. Peter Paul Rullan was lecturing many important, interesting and stunning things about peels.

    All the attendees were abolutely overwhelmed and happy after these very intense but excellent three days! And all will start working with all these peels from now on in their practice!

    A big thank you to Prof. Peter Paul Rullan for his amazing work! And of course a big thank you to Dr. Luitgard Wiest for her help to make this workshop happen!

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