IPS Hands-on Workshop in St. Petersburg, Florida

The first IPS Workshop in the US was a spectacular success in St. Petersburg, Florida the first weekend in April. Nine doctors were in attendance (6 dermatologists/dermatologic Surgeons and 3 ophthalmoplastic surgeon). The Three Faculty were: Dr.  Laurence Kass, Dr. Harold Brody and Dr. Peter Rullan with the course being given at the Kass Center for Cosmetic Surgery.  Patients were peeled all day on Friday and Saturday with the patients returning Sunday morning for Follow-up.   

12 patients were peeled and the attendees particularly focused on the Hetter phenol/croton oil peels and medium depth CO2 dry ice + 35% TCA. It was very valuable for the doctors to directly observe and then actually use the wounding agents themselves. Salicylic acid peel was also performed. Additional follow up is on google conference to continue discussion and see follow-ups further in time. We specially thank Dr. Larry Kass for his dedication to providing a facility for this workshop.




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