October 7, 2017 - IPS Session at the ASDS Annual Meeting in Chicago, USA

We had a very successful session at the ASDS Annual Meeting in Chicago on October 7, 2017.

1:45 p.m. Welcome and Learning Overview - Harold J. Brody, MD; Vivian W. Bucay, MD
2:05 p.m. Developments in Superficial Peeling - Vivian W. Bucay, MD
2:19 p.m. Developments in Medium Depth Peeling - Emily C. Keller, MD
2:33 p.m. Developments in Deep Peeling: The Hetter Formulas - Peter P. Rullan, MD
2:47 p.m. Peeling with Microneedling - Seaver Soon, MD
3:01 p.m. Summary and Questions

We thank our Industrial Partner Delasco for supporting our session.

From left to right: Drs Peter Rullan, Seaver Soon, Vivian Bucay, Harold Brody and Emily Keller

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